4 Questions to Speaker Ansgar Wübker

1. You are the speaker of the Leibniz Science Campus Ruhr "Health care challenges in regions with declining and ageing populations". Why is this a relevant topic?

Demographic change is currently in full swing in many countries and so it is in Germany. Nevertheless, not all regions are affected in the same way. The relationship between retired and working-age people in Germany will intensify over the next few years – a challenge to Germany's social security system including pensions, health care and long-term care. However, the changes in the size and composition of the population do not affect all regions in Germany to the same extent. Some rural areas have particular difficulties: The rapidly ageing population and the emigration of young cohorts are accompanied by decreasing numbers of employees in the health care sector.

2. What are the objectives of this research collaboration?

In this context, the health economic research collaboration "Leibniz Science Campus Ruhr" was started, funded by the Leibniz Association. At the LSCR, we look at challenges that arise. The aim is to analyse the causes and consequences of regional differences in healthcare, identify strategies and selected measures to address the problem of undersupply and improve the efficiency of health care supply. We want to stimulate the discussion around this topic by providing evidence-based information and policy recommendations.

3. How does the Leibniz Science Campus Ruhr differentiate from other research collaborations?

Its thematic focus is the unique property of the campus, in my opinion. In addition, the LSCR opens the chance to strengthen the network of the RWI with its university partners and the promotion of young researchers.

4. Where do you see the LSCR in the near future?

The demand for healthcare is going to increase strongly due to the demographic change. Concurrently, there will be a shortage for qualified health-care personnel and reduced financial opportunities of the social security system due to a declining labour force. Research that stimulates the public debate as well as policy recommendations by the Leibniz Science Campus Ruhr will therefore continue to be necessary in the years to come.

Ansgar Wübker

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